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aries zodiac sign and initials

 The Western astrological sign of Aries is occupied by the Sun from March 21 to April 19 in the tropical zodiac.

The March equinox (spring in the Northern hemisphere), is the start of the new zodiacal year and Aries, the first sign, is associated with fresh vigour and unruly beginnings.

Aries is associated with the classical element Fire, and thus called a fire sign (along with Sagittarius and Leo). It is the domicile of Mars and the exaltation of the Sun. It is also one of the four Cardinal signs (along with Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer). Its polar opposite is Libra. Each astrological sign is assigned a part of the body, viewed as the seat of its power. Aries rules the head and face. The symbol for Aries is the ram. Aries are the pioneers and leaders of the Zodiac.

first timer tattoo

morbid’s daughter gets a navel piercing

irish client gets a custom tattoo

irish client gets a custom tattoo design in morbid tattoo parlor in cash and carry mall makati manila, philippines.

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oni tattoo

In Japanese folk lore, the Oni is the demon associated with all kinds of evil and distressful emotions. These demons are said to lurk around the dying, rushing in to pull souls down to hell. In demon hierarchy, they are worse than the Tengu (the crow-like or long-nosed goblin mischief-maker), wreaking serious damage to humans and devastation to the land.

The Oni character appeared in mime and dance, and also in prayers for peace, fertility and longevity, customs that became an intricate part of the Japanese culture. In Buddhist rituals, monks and priests held retreats in order to dispel Oni from the land. In the traditional Japanese Noh theatre performances, the essence of the Oni character is displayed in each mask. The demon character usually appears at the end of the play, along with other non-human entities.

goddess and dragon tattoo

goddess and dragon tattoo design done in morbid tattoo parlor in cash and carry mall makati manila philippines.

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custom butterfly tattoo