black and gray Foreigner U.S. Peace Corp Volunteer

tattooed couple

1935 stamp of the philippines

The compass design is a popular maritime tattoo, reflecting the long history that has intertwined body art and sailors, and is similar to the nautical star in its symbolism. In the early age of sail,mariners navigated their way through uncharted waters and unknown perils armed only with the stars at night, a compass to point North and there own wits to guide them.

The compass and the North Star were all that a good sailor needed to find his way in the world, hence both were popular tattoodesigns. A tattoo not only to help navigate the sea, but to make ones way through life. Some of the most popular compass tattoodesigns are lifted straight off of old navigational charts.

U.S. Peace Corp Volunteer couple get tattooed in morbid tattoo parlor in cash and carry mall makati manila.