Dice and Lightning tattoo

Dice or a pair of dies, are the familiar numbered cubes that we all used to use to play Yahtzee as children, or any other games of chance in which the random tumbling of the dies determines the games outcome. Games of chance and gambling using dice or similar objects is common in many cultures around the world.

Although sometimes referred to as a “lucky” symbol, or one of good fortune, dice are often featured in tattoo designs that highlight the perils of gambling, such as in “Man’s Ruin”. Dice are often featured with other vices, including playing cards, drugs and alcohol, guns, race horses and women of easy virtue.

The expression, “To roll the dice”, implies taking a risk in which the outcome is unknown and beyond the control of the individual. It implies that the results of the die being cast is left entirely to fate and chance. Similarly, the expression, “The die are cast”, means that once the dice have been set in motion and rolled, the outcome is indeterminable.

Lightning, lightning bolts, thunderbolts, or bolts of lightning – however you wish to describe it – are the electrical discharges that we are all familiar with during thunderstorms. There are few displays of the power of nature more spectacular than the electrical fireworks that accompany a thunderstorm – a brilliant flash of blue-white light that seems to arc out of the heavens as if by magic and with it, the incredible, near deafening thunderclap that comes mere seconds later. In a cold, dark, rainy night, a bolt of lightning would make it seem like daylight for a moment. What a concept for a tattoo design! What a potent symbol.

To the Greeks, lightning bolts were thrown by the very hands of Zeus, the father of all the Gods, and the principal God on Mount Olympus. Lightning was a symbol of power, and because it could not be predicted, it was also a symbol of the capricious nature of the Gods and the world men lived in. Because lightning often accompanies a rain storm, lightning also was seen as a symbol of fertility, rain being a crucial element to a successful crop. Some cultures saw lightning as male, as the sun was male, and the earth as female.

The Romans saw lightning as the symbol of the their principal God Jupiter. In Norse legends, Thor was the God of Thunder, and lightning boltswere the sparks that flew when his mighty war-hammer hit its target, often the skull of a Frost Giant.

In the Bible, lightning accompanies the appearance of God in Exodus. Lightning symbolizes the light of truth.

In many Asian cultures, Air or Sky Dragons are responsible for lightning, the bolts caused by their scales and wings as they fly through the heavens. Lightning bolts are often used in traditional Japanese tattooing when a dragon is flying through the sky.

In modern times, a stylized lightning bolt is used to symbolize the power and danger of electricity, and a lightning bolt is a symbol of potential danger around high-voltage lines. Dice and lightning tattoo done in morbid tattoo parlor in cash and carry mall makati manila.