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fairies in moon

fairies on moon and a baybayin lettering of their name, done in morbid tattoo parlor in cash and carry mall makati manila.

Girl Tattoo

seize the day

lettering tattoo in white ink.

black and gray oriental tattoos

oriental black and gray full sleeves in progress

black and gray custom tattoos

angel tattoo

Back Piece black and gray custom tattoos Girl Tattoo

cherry blossom

Cherry blossom is a symbol of female beauty and sexuality. Additionally, the cherry blossom is the Chinese symbol of feminine principal it also symbolized love in a language of herbs.

The cherry blossom is a common symbol in traditional Japanese woodblock art dating back many centuries, and as a consequence is often featured in Japanese tattooing which has drawn artistic inspiration from the woodblock prints for several centuries.

Bushido, the samurai’s code, takes the cherry blossom as its emblem. The blooming of the cherry tree is the purest manifestation of beauty in Japanese culture, but then the blossom swiftly fades and is scattered by the wind. This is the perfect death for a true warrior, who has lived with constant awareness and acceptance of the precariousness and transitory nature of existence. The essence of Bushido, or the Way of the Warrior, is that the true Samurai lives every day knowing it may well be his last. A samurai’s motto is, “This is a good day to die”. The cherry blossom as a tattoo designis a powerful reminder that life is fleeting and we must live in the present and cherish every waking moment, for it may well be our last.

custom tattoos Foreigner Girl Tattoo

couple get tattooed on their anniversary

The Rosary (its name comes from the Latin “rosarium,” meaning “crown of roses”), is an important and traditional devotion of the Roman Catholic Church, combining prayer and meditation in sequences of ten “Hail Marys,” each sequence being called a decade. A complete Rosary involves the completion of fifteen (now twenty) decades. mexican couple get tattooed on their anniversary, done in morbid tattoo parlor in cash and carry mall makati manila.

custom tattoos Girl Tattoo

fairy tattoo

Foreigner letterings

baybayin lettering

french client gets a baybayin lettering tattoo design, done in morbid tattoo parlor in cash and carry mall makati manila.

black and gray Girl Tattoo

girl tattoo

An angel tattoo design is an overtly religious symbol. Angels are anthropomorphic – meaning in the shape of men – winged forms intended to transmit the word of God to humankind. Angelspersonify divine will and are the messengers of God.

Winged messengers appear in a number of religions as intermediaries between the spiritual and material worlds, but appear most often in Islamic, Jewish but most particularly the Christian faiths. The word angel comes from the Greek ‘aggelos’, meaning messenger.Angels make frequent appearances in the Christian Bible, not only as messengers of God but also delivering his protection or punishment. Angels act as God’s intermediaries, carrying out God’s will in the affairs of man.

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