wings tattoo

A representation of a Wing or Wings as a tattoo design, of course, symbolizes flight. But if we give wing to our imagination for a moment, if only as a romantic gesture, we can say that they signify the escape from the bonds of earthly existence to the limitless freedom of the spirit. Wings stand for peace, love, and the link between earth and sky — between the human and the divine — and as symbols of transcendence and liberation. Wings associated with creatures such as dragons, griffins, winged horses, and with the more delicate world of fairies, butterflies and bees have an element of the magical about them.

Wings combined with a “love” symbol is one of the most popular tattoo motifs. Heroic and spiritual, this combo has mystical and religious associations that go back thousands of years. For the Sufi mystic, the winged heart symbolizes the heart’s yearning for heaven. Wings transform the gravitational pull of the earth into a spiritual “pull” to a higher way of being. For the artist, it has been a favourite metaphor, not only for freedom, but also for shelter and redemption.

In heraldry, wings represent valour and bravery of the highest order — nothing less than a death defying act. An angel with three pairs of wings represents dignity, glory and honour.