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Swiss Army

If the 15th century German artist, Albrecht Dürer, was alive today, he would be a rich man. Copyright to his brush drawing of ‘Hands in Prayer’ would auction off for millions. It was originally commissioned as an altar-piece by the mayor of Frankfurt in 1508. A later version of these praying hands appeared in another Dürer work, only this time as the hands of an apostle standing at an empty grave looking heavenwards at the coronation of the Virgin Mary. The original was destroyed by fire in 1729, but a copy of the altar-piece, as well as some earlier sketches survived. Swiss ex-army gets a custom design of a praying hands tattoo and his favorite number 13 incorporated in the Achilles shield which also represents his name and a clover leaf at the back for good luck, tattoo done in morbid tattoo parlor in cash and carry mall Makati Manila, Philippines.