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sea creatures

custom black and gray back piece tattoo of sea creatures done in morbid tattoo parlor in cash and carry mall makati manila.

bushido warrior tattoo

The samurai were the military aristocrats of their day. They were protectors of the shoguns and warlords that ruled Japan until the Meiji Emperor was restored to power in the 19th century. The majority of the samurai class were warriors, but some were more famous as philosophers and artists, and never saw battle. A samurai was expected to marry and father children, not only because centuries of warfare depleted the population, but to assure the continuation of the social class to which he belonged. Unlike the knights of Europe – who did not inherit the title but were given it by the reigning monarch – the samurai’s wife and children were also samurai.

The sword became the symbol of the samurai, and the specific sword known as the katana, was curved, slender, and single-edged with a long grip that could be held with both hands. His armour was of leather or iron and covered with lacquer – not wood or bamboo as popularly believed. The armour and helmet of Darth Vader appears to be based on that of the samurai, circa 1600. Symbolsof the sun, moon, and stars were used by the samurai and appeared on their helmets and flags. Their celestial powers were believed to aid the warrior in battle.

As a tattoo design, the samurai symbolizes all the highest ideals of Bushido, honour, loyalty and duty. It expresses the wearer’s understanding and appreciation of the importance of living in the moment, of taking not one second of existence for granted.

samurai warrior

The samurai warrior is the penultimate symbol and epitome of masculine courage, honour and justice within Japanese tattooing, and the samurai represents the highest masculine ideals within Japanese culture. The samurai adhered to a strict code of conduct called ‘Bushido’, meaning ‘the way of the warrior’. Bushido was based on the Zen Buddhistprinciples of Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Trust, Honour and Loyalty until death. Other ideals to which the samurai aspired were self-discipline, frugality, self-sacrifice and nobility.

As a samurai, a warrior was expected to conduct himself and act as if each day were his last, as it might well be. If every day might be a samurai’s last, he was expected to keep his affairs in order, so that his family would not be burdened upon his death. A samurai did not want to owe money or other debts for the same reason. A samurai lived in the now, cognizant always of the fleeting nature of existence. The cherry blossom, with its ethereal, fragile beauty came symbolize the samurai for that very reason.

back piece wings

american client gets a full back piece wings done in morbid tattoo parlor in cash and carry mall makati manila.

morbid tattoo model in tribal calendar 2010


cecilia gomez bichara one of luigi’s toughest backpiece oriental tattoo model is placed in a tribal calendar for the month of january. she’s also a competitor in dutdutan last 2009.

thanks to tribal philippines, skinworkz and philtag.

oriental works of luigi (dutdutan 07 best female)

artist: leone luigi mercado      collector: frances arbie domingo

dutdutan 07 best female tattoo

purple haze best large piece tattoo

purple haze wall of fame tattoo

18 hours and 3 sessions for an oriental back piece done by luigi

oriental back piece of luigi in just 3 sessions done in morbid tattoo shop in cash and carry mall makati manila

oriental works of luigi (finished business)

still under the process of luigi

the creator and the creation dutdutan 07′


philippine tattoo convention, luigi and frances arbie. second place best female tattoo.